Introduction: Are you planning to move from sunny Florida to the picturesque state of Connecticut? Congratulations on your exciting new adventure! As you start making arrangements for your big move, one important question that may be on your mind is: how much will it cost to ship your car from Florida to Connecticut?

Understanding the factors that affect the cost of shipping a car and knowing how to get an accurate estimate can help you budget accordingly and ensure a smooth transition. In this blog post, we will demystify the costs associated with shipping a car between these two states, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

What factors affect the cost of shipping a car?

Factors Affecting the Cost of Shipping a Car: When it comes to shipping a car from Florida to Connecticut, there are several factors that can influence the cost. Understanding these factors can help you get an accurate estimate and make informed decisions.

1. Distance: The distance between the pickup and delivery locations plays a significant role in determining the cost. Longer distances usually mean higher prices due to fuel costs and driver compensation.
2. Vehicle size: The size of your vehicle is another factor that affects pricing. Larger vehicles take up more space on carriers, which may result in additional charges.
3. Vehicle condition: If your car is not operational or requires special handling, such as being transported in an enclosed carrier, it will likely increase the overall cost.
4. Time of year: Seasonal fluctuations can impact shipping rates. During peak seasons when demand is high, prices tend to rise, so planning ahead can save you money.
5. Carrier type: Choosing between open or enclosed carriers also impacts pricing. Open carriers are more common and generally less expensive than enclosed ones, which provide extra protection for luxury or classic cars.
6. Carrier availability: The availability of carriers operating on your desired route may affect costs since limited supply could result in higher prices due to increased demand.

How to get an accurate estimate

So, how can you get an accurate estimate for shipping your car from Florida to Connecticut? There are a few key steps you can take to ensure that you have all the information you need.

First, start by researching and comparing different auto transport companies. Look for reputable companies with positive customer reviews and a track record of delivering vehicles safely and on time. Reading testimonials or asking friends and family for recommendations can also be helpful.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, reach out to these companies directly to request quotes. Be prepared to provide details about your vehicle such as make, model, year, dimensions, and any special considerations like modifications or non-running condition.

It’s important to note that during certain times of the year or when demand is high, prices may fluctuate. So it’s best to inquire about rates well in advance of your desired shipping date.

Ship A Car From Florida To Connecticut

When comparing quotes from different companies, don’t just focus on the price alone. Consider other factors such as insurance coverage offered by each company, their reputation in the industry, and any additional services they may provide.

Keep in mind that while cost is an important factor in selecting a car shipping service provider, it shouldn’t be the sole determinant. Cheaper isn’t always better if it means sacrificing quality or reliability.

In summary, research reputable auto transport companies, get multiple quotes based on accurate vehicle details, compare prices along with other factors like insurance coverage and reputation, and plan ahead especially during peak seasons.

By following these steps and taking into account all relevant factors specific to your situation, you can obtain an accurate estimate for shipping your car from Florida to Connecticut. With careful consideration given to both cost-related concerns and overall service quality assurance measures, including insurance options provided, making informed choices becomes easier! Safe travels await as soon as everything falls into place seamlessly through adequate preparation beforehand!


-Affordable and competitive rates.
-Convenient and efficient pick up and delivery service.
-No need to drive the car yourself or hire a driver.
-Experienced and reputable car shipping service.
-Insured and bonded.


-Possibility of delays due to weather or other factors.
-Risk of damage to the car during transit.
-Potential for additional fees and charges.
-No guarantee of an exact delivery date.
-Lengthy paperwork and documentation requirements.

Ship A Car From Florida To Connecticut FAQS:

1. How much does it cost to ship a car from Florida to Connecticut?

The average cost to ship a car from Florida to Connecticut is around $850 – $950, depending on the size and type of vehicle.

2. Is there an additional fee for door-to-door delivery?

Yes, there is typically an additional fee for door-to-door delivery. This fee can range from $100 to $200 depending on the distance.

3. How long will it take to ship my car from Florida to Connecticut?

It usually takes about 7-10 business days to ship a car from Florida to Connecticut.

4. What types of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards, PayPal, cash, and certified funds.

5. Do I need to be present when my car is picked up or dropped off?

No, you don’t need to be present when your car is picked up or dropped off. The driver will simply arrange a safe place to leave or pick up the keys.


1. Door-to-Door Delivery: The car is picked up directly from your home or office in Florida and delivered to your destination in Connecticut.
2. Insurance Protection: Your car is insured against any damage or loss during transit.
3. Open or Enclosed Transport: You can choose to have your car transported in an open or enclosed carrier, depending on your budget and the level of protection you require.
4. Flat-Rate Pricing: The cost of shipping a car from Florida to Connecticut is typically based on the distance between the two locations, the size and weight of the car, and the type of transport chosen.
5. Time Frame: Most car shipping companies can provide a time frame for delivery, usually between 3-10 days.
6. Professional Drivers: All vehicles are transported by experienced, professional drivers who are knowledgeable about the route and have the necessary skills to safely transport your car.
7. Trackability: You can track the progress of your shipment online, so you’ll always know where your car is and when it is expected to arrive.