Are you in need of car transportation services and don’t know where to start searching? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 5 car transportation companies that you need to know about. Whether you’re moving across the country or simply want to transport your vehicle, these companies have got you covered. From affordability to reliability, we’ve done the research so that you can make an informed decision on which company is best suited for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about these top-rated auto transport companies!

What is the best auto transport company to use?

When it comes to choosing the best auto transport company, there are certain factors you need to consider. The first and foremost thing is reliability – you want a company that can guarantee safe and timely delivery of your vehicle.

Another important factor is cost-effectiveness. You don’t want to overspend on transportation services when there are affordable options available without compromising quality.

Customer service should also be given priority because it determines how smoothly the whole process will go. A good auto transport company should have responsive customer support that can answer all your queries promptly.

Additionally, you may want to look for companies with additional services such as insurance coverage or door-to-door delivery options for added convenience.

Ultimately, the best auto transport company depends on individual needs and preferences. It’s essential to do thorough research before settling on a particular one so that you can make an informed choice based on reliable information rather than guesses or assumptions.

What is transportation cars?

Transportation cars, also known as car carriers or auto transporters, are specialized trucks specifically designed to haul vehicles from one location to another. These massive trailers can carry multiple cars at once and are commonly used by individuals and businesses alike when moving vehicles over long distances.

Car transportation companies use these types of trucks to safely transport cars across the country, whether it’s for personal moves or business purposes such as dealership inventory transfers. The process involves loading the vehicle onto the trailer using a hydraulic lift system and securing it in place with straps and chains.

There are two main types of transportation cars: open-air carriers and enclosed carriers. Open-air carriers expose the vehicle to outside elements but offer a more affordable option, while enclosed carriers provide additional protection against weather conditions, road debris, and potential theft.

By using professional car transportation services instead of driving your own vehicle long distances, you can save time, money on gas expenses, reduce wear-and-tear on your car tires and engine oil changes needs.

How many cars ship on transport?

One of the most common questions people have when it comes to car transportation is how many cars can be shipped on a transport at once. The answer may vary depending on the type of transport being used, but generally speaking, car carriers are designed to carry between 1 and 10 vehicles at a time.

For example, open car carriers typically hold between 7 and 10 cars per load, while enclosed trailers usually only hold between 1 and 6 vehicles. This difference in capacity is due to the fact that enclosed trailers offer more protection for each individual vehicle, which requires more space.

It’s worth noting that some companies offer oversized or specialized transports that can accommodate larger vehicles such as RVs or buses. These types of transports may only be able to ship one vehicle at a time due to their size.

Ultimately, the number of cars that can be shipped on a transport will depend on various factors including the type of carrier used and any special requirements for your specific shipment. It’s always best to speak with your chosen transportation company directly to get an accurate estimate based on your unique needs.

Is Road Runner Auto Transport legit?

In summary, when it comes to choosing a car transportation company, there are many options to consider. The top five companies on our list all have their unique strengths and weaknesses, but they all share one thing in common: a commitment to providing reliable and safe auto transport services.

Road Runner Auto Transport is a legitimate company that has been in business since 2008. They offer competitive pricing and have positive reviews from customers online. However, as with any service provider, it’s always important to do your research before committing to using their services.

To ensure you get the best possible experience when transporting your vehicle, be sure to read customer reviews, compare prices and services offered by different companies before making your decision. And remember to ask questions about the process so you can feel confident that your vehicle will arrive at its destination safely and on time.

The key takeaway is that finding the right car transportation company requires some research and due diligence on your part. But by doing so, you can rest assured that you’ll find a reputable provider who will help make shipping your car as smooth and stress-free as possible!


-More convenient and comfortable than driving yourself
-Less expensive than flying
-Reduces the strain of long-distance travel
-Can accommodate large families or groups of people
-Can arrange special services such as child seats, pet transportation, and luggage storage
-Provides door-to-door service
-Offer low-cost options for those on a budget


-May experience delays due to traffic, bad weather, or other unforeseen circumstances
-Can be more expensive for short-distance trips
-Availability of services is limited in certain areas
-Can be difficult to find the right company for your specific needs
-Security and safety of passengers may be an issue with some companies


Q. How quickly can a car transportation company transport my vehicle?

A. That depends on the particular company and the distance of the journey, but most companies can transport vehicles within a few days to a week.

Q. Are there any additional fees for transporting a vehicle?

A. Yes, some car transportation companies may charge extra for special services such as door-to-door delivery, express shipping, or long-distance trips. Be sure to ask about any additional fees before you book your service.

Q. Do I need to prepare my car in any way before transporting it?

A. Yes, you should make sure your vehicle is clean and empty of any personal items or belongings. You should also check the tire pressure and fluid levels and make sure all windows are closed and locked.


1. Door-to-Door Delivery: Professional car transportation companies offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery services, ensuring that your car is safely picked-up from its current location and delivered to its destination without any hassle.

2. Open and Enclosed Carriers: Car transportation companies offer both open and enclosed carriers for customers, depending on their budget and needs.

3. Insurance Coverage: Professional car transportation companies provide full insurance coverage for the car’s transport journey, ensuring that the car is safe and secure.

4. Experienced Drivers: Car transportation companies employ experienced and skilled drivers who can handle the transport of the car safely and securely.

5. Customized Services: Customers can customize their services according to their needs, from one-way to round trip, from open to enclosed carrier, from basic to comprehensive insurance coverage, and more.

6. Tracking System: Car transportation companies provide an online tracking system for customers to track their car’s transport journey in real-time.

7. Affordable Rates: Professional car transportation companies provide customers with competitive and affordable rates for their services.

8. Reliable Support: Car transportation companies provide reliable and efficient customer support for any queries or concerns regarding the transport of the car.