Planning to move from California to Florida and wondering how long it will take to ship your car? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re relocating for work or simply indulging in a change of scenery, transporting your vehicle across the country can be a daunting task. But fear not – we’re here to provide you with all the information you need about shipping a car from California to Florida. From costs and methods of transportation to estimated timeframes, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into this exciting journey together!

How much does it cost to ship a car from California to Florida?

When it comes to shipping a car from California to Florida, the cost can vary depending on various factors. These factors include the size and weight of your vehicle, the distance traveled, and any additional services you may require.

Typically, the average cost for shipping a standard-sized sedan from California to Florida ranges between $800 and $1,200. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is just an estimate and prices can fluctuate based on market conditions.
It is important to note that if you have a larger or heavier vehicle, such as an SUV or truck, you can expect to pay more for transportation. Additionally, factors like enclosed transport (which provides extra protection) or expedited delivery options will also increase the overall cost.

To get an accurate quote for shipping your car from California to Florida, it is best to reach out to reputable auto transport companies. They will consider all relevant details specific to your situation and provide you with a personalized estimate tailored specifically to your needs.

Remember that while price is certainly an important factor when choosing an auto transport service, don’t solely base your decision on cost alone. Take into account other considerations such as reputation, customer reviews, and insurance coverage provided by the carrier company before making your final decision.

How do I transfer a car from California to Florida?

Transferring a car from California to Florida may seem like a daunting task, but with the right information and resources, it can be a smooth process. There are several options available for transporting your vehicle safely and efficiently.

One common method is using an auto transport company. These companies specialize in shipping vehicles across long distances, including from California to Florida. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle the logistics of moving your car.

To start the process, you will need to research and choose a reputable auto transport company. Look for one that offers competitive pricing, reliable service, and positive customer reviews. Once you have selected a company, you will need to provide them with details about your vehicle and its location.

The next step is preparing your car for transport. This includes cleaning it inside and out, removing any personal belongings or aftermarket accessories, and disabling alarms or immobilizers if required by the transport company’s guidelines.

After your car is prepared, it will be loaded onto a carrier truck for transportation. The transit time will depend on various factors such as distance traveled, weather conditions along the route, and any potential delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

During transit, it is important to stay in contact with the auto transport company for updates on your vehicle’s progress. Once your car arrives in Florida, inspect it thoroughly before accepting delivery. If there are any damages or discrepancies compared to its pre-shipping condition noted on the Bill of Lading (BOL), make sure they are documented immediately.
Transferring a car from California to Florida requires careful planning and coordination with an experienced auto transport company. By doing thorough research upfront and following all necessary steps during transportation, you can ensure that your vehicle arrives safely at its destination without any issues or complications.

How long will it take for a cargo vessel to travel from California to Florida?

When it comes to transporting cars from California to Florida one option many people think about is using a ship cargo. But how long will it take a cargo vessel to travel between the two states?

The length of the journey can differ based on various factors. One of the major elements is the distance between ports located in California as well as Florida. Because both states have multiple ports, the route taken by the shipping business will determine the time it takes.

In the average, a cargo vessel could take anywhere between 7 and 14 days to travel between California from California to Florida. Keep in mind that this estimate could alter due to unforeseeable circumstances like the weather or congestion at ports.

It’s important to keep in mind that this timeframe is only applicable once your vehicle has been loaded on the cargo vessel. In the method of getting your vehicle ready for transport and coordinating with the shipping firm could take additional time before your vehicle embarks on its ocean journey.

While a cargo vessel can be a cheap and convenient method of transporting your vehicle over long distances, like from California to Florida it is crucial to think about delays that could occur and plan according to the potential delays.

Can I ship a car by train from California to Florida?

If you are looking for an alternative option to ship your car from California to Florida, you might be wondering if it is possible to do so by train. While shipping a car via train may seem like a convenient and cost-effective choice, unfortunately, there are limited options available.

Amtrak offers an Auto Train service that transports both passengers and their vehicles between certain locations on the East Coast and the Southeast. However, this service is only available between Lorton, Virginia (near Washington D.C.) and Sanford, Florida (near Orlando).

As of now, Amtrak does not offer direct train services for shipping cars from California to Florida. While it would certainly be more eco-friendly than driving your car across the country or having it transported through other means, utilizing Amtrak’s Auto Train service would require additional logistics, such as getting your car from California to Virginia, in order to take advantage of this option.

In conclusion,

When considering how long it takes to ship a car from California to Florida, several factors come into play. The distance between these two states is significant and can impact both the time frame and cost of transportation. Whether you choose open or enclosed transport methods will also affect the price. Additionally, weather conditions and seasonal demand can influence delivery timelines.

To ensure a smooth shipping process with minimal delays or complications, it’s important to research reputable auto transport companies that specialize in cross-country shipments. By obtaining quotes and comparing services ahead of time, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will arrive safely at its destination within an estimated timeframe.

Whether you’re relocating or purchasing a new vehicle out-of-state, understanding how long it takes to ship a car from California to Florida will help you plan accordingly. With proper preparation and a reliable transportation services provider on hand, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while your precious vehicle makes a safe journey across the country.


– Cost-effective way to move a vehicle
– Relatively short travel time
– Stress-free process


– Risk of vehicle damage during transport
– Possibility of delays due to road conditions, weather, etc.
– Higher cost for expedited shipping


1. How long does it take to ship a car from California to Florida?

Answer: It typically takes 3-10 days to ship a car from California to Florida depending on the distance and the transportation method used.

2. What factors can affect how long it takes to ship a car from California to Florida?

Answer: Factors that can affect shipping time include the distance, the type of transportation used, weather conditions, and any additional stops along the route.

3. Is there an express delivery option available for shipping a car from California to Florida?

Answer: Yes, some auto transport companies offer express delivery options for an additional fee.

4. Are there any restrictions on what types of cars can be shipped from California to Florida?

Answer: Yes, some types of cars may not be allowed to be shipped due to size or weight restrictions. Please contact your auto transport company for more information.

5. How do I track my car while it is being shipped from California to Florida?

Answer: Most auto transport companies provide online tracking services so you can follow the progress of your shipment.


1. Door-to-Door Shipping: Most car shipping companies offer door-to-door shipping, which means that your car will be picked up and delivered to the address of your choice.
2. Safe and Reliable: Professional car shipping companies use secure and reliable methods to transport your car from California to Florida.
3. Tracking: Most car shipping companies offer tracking services, allowing you to monitor the progress of your vehicle throughout the entire journey.
4. Insurance: Car shipping companies often offer insurance for your car during transit, providing you with peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and secure.
5. Timeframe: Depending on your chosen service, it usually takes between 2 and 5 days for a car to be shipped from California to Florida.