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Moving with Multiple Cars: A Complete Guide

When moving to a new home, you usually only have to worry about packing and transporting the contents of a single household Shipping Auto.

But what if you have more than one car to move? Moving with multiple cars adds another layer of complexity to an already complicated process. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know to smoothly relocate with two or more vehicles.

Planning and Preparing Your Cars

The first step is planning and preparing each car for the move. Here are some key things to do:

Make a detailed inventory

Create an inventory of what’s in each car, from small personal items to large accessories. Note any high-value or fragile objects. This helps stay organized and locate everything upon arrival.

Remove loose items

Sweep out loose items, clothes, trash, etc. from each car. Stow or dispose of these properly so they don’t get lost or damaged in transit.

Fill gas tanks

Fill the gas tanks of all cars you’ll be transporting. Having a full “moving gas tank” prevents running out of fuel mid-trip.

Service Checkups

Schedule basic service checkups for each vehicle if the move is more than a few hundred miles away. Address any concerns like fluid levels, brake/tire wear, and major maintenance Shipping Auto.

Disconnect accessories

Remove permanent accessories like roof racks, bike carriers, grilles, etc. that could come loose or be damaged. Stow securely for transport.

Protect Exteriors

Cover or wrap car exteriors with protective materials like moving blankets to prevent scratches and road grime.

Secure/Disable vehicles

For longer moves, disable ignition systems or secure steering wheels to prevent theft. Consider transporting keys separately for added security.

Transport Options

Once prepared, you have a few options to physically move the cars:

Drive yourself

Caravanning together allows control but divides focus. Plan fuel/rest stops to keep the convoy moving efficiently.

Enclosed Transport

Professional auto transport services fully enclose vehicles for door-to-door protected relocation nationwide. More expensive but hands-free.

Open Car Haulers

Open flatbed trucks hauled by tow trucks provide exposed transport at lower costs than enclosed. More susceptible to elements.

Tow Behind RV/Trailer

Tow a vehicle behind your moving truck/trailer for a hybrid “drive one, tow one” solution. Requires towing license/equipment.


For long distances, vehicles can be professionally shipped by road or rail. Inspected loading/unloading; tracking available.

Coordinating The Move

Coordinating multiple vehicles smoothly requires careful planning:

Set Route

Map out your driving route factoring estimated drive times between stops accounting for traffic and mandatory rest breaks.

Schedule Meal/Fuel Stops

Plan scheduled stops every 2-4 hours for meals and fuel to keep the convoy on schedule. Rotate drivers if fatigued.

Use Communication Devices

Equip all vehicles with CB radios, walkie-talkies or travel together with cell phones for contact en route.

Establish Convoy Procedure

Clearly communicate procedures like signaling turns, route changes etc. Assign lead/rear vehicle roles to prevent separation.

Load Balancing

Distribute weight evenly among vehicles within legal limits. Towing a vehicle? Ensure proper hitching/weight distribution.

By sticking to the route, scheduling regular stops and maintaining open communication, you can smoothly move multiple cars even long distances. Just be well-prepared and travel as a coordinated team!

Arrival and Unloading

Finally, at your new home:

Inspect Vehicles

Thoroughly inspect each vehicle for damage upon arrival. Note and report any issues promptly to the transport provider.

Unload Contents

Carefully unload contents from each vehicle at your own pace. Note new locations of items once settled in.

Attach Accessories

Re-attach items like bike racks, grilles etc. once cars are safely parked in your new garage or driveway.

Declutter Interior

Now’s a good time to declutter interiors and properly dispose of any trash accumulated on the move.

Stow Important Documents – Shipping Auto

File important ownership and maintenance documents together safely for each car.

And with that, your multiple vehicle move is complete! Following these tips ensures all your automobiles safely and efficiently make the transition to your new home.